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A Current Affair: Are big companies paying enough tax?

Most Australians work hard and pay their fair share of tax. But it’s a different story at the top end of town. Some of the biggest companies, earning millions – sometimes billions – give little to nothing back. Bring Back Australia app founder Michael Duregon featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair program on 31 […]

Bring Back Australia partners with the Australian Horizons Foundation

Bring Back Australia is proud to partner with the Australian Horizons Foundation, an organisation that supports Australia’s rural communities suffering from drought, severe debt, stress, lack of food, water, children’s education and downturned communities. Australian Horizons Foundation have a number of initiatives, and we have chosen to align Bring Back Australia with Beef It Up […]

Why 8 major companies pay the majority of corporate tax in Australia

On 28 August 2023, Bring Back Australia app founder Michael Duregon was interviewed by Stephen Cenatiempo on 2cc‘s Breakfast Show- Canberra’s home for news, views and current affairs. The topic being covered was why just 8 companies in Australia pay the majority of corporate tax.  Not many people know that Australia’s biggest resource companies – […]

Bring Back Australia on Radio

Michael Duregon with 6PRs Oliver Peterson

On 22 June as a part of our official launch day, Bring Back Australia app founder Michael Duregon was invited to participate in a number of radio shows around the country.  A number of fantastic opportunities to talk about the Bring Back Australia app, and how we are working to empower shoppers to buy Australian […]

Bring Back Australia on the Today Show

Bring Back Australia app founder Michael Duregon discussing the app with Sarah Abo and James Bracey on the Today Show

On 22 June 2023 we were invited to appear on Channel 9’s popular breakfast television news and current affairs show – The Today Show. Hosted on the day by Sarah Abo and James Bracey, we got the opportunity to show viewers how the Bring Back Australia app works to inform shoppers how they can easily […]

7 Reasons You Should Be Buying Australian Made Products

We live in a digital age where the world is seemingly at our fingertips. A quick web search can see us browsing the catalogue of a store in London’s High Street, before clicking over to a boutique in trendy NYC…. But what about the stores in our own postcode? Whilst international products are so readily […]

‘Don’t be fooled’: What Australian made logo on Coles bacon really means

Aussies claiming to be misled by an “Australian Made” logo on supermarket products may not have the whole story, with the symbol meaning something different to what customers actually think. Coles customers slammed the supermarket giant on Facebook, claiming it had an Australian Made logo on its streaky bacon but the fine print stated less […]

Three Australian Inventions essential to the World

From world-changing and life-saving medical developments to inventions that have brought the world closer together. For sure, one more reason to be proud of. Here are three Australian inventions that changed the world. Black Box Flight Recorder The black box flight recorder has helped make commercial air travel the world’s safest form of travel. It […]

Which household brands are still Australian owned?

Arnott’s, Uncle Tobys, Bushells, Golden Circle — you could be forgiven for thinking these brand were Australian owned. This morning, it was announced dairy brand Bega would purchase Vegemite from US company Mondelez International and put it back in local hands. It was a reminder that many Australian pantry staples are foreign-owned despite their Aussie roots. Arnott’s […]

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