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A Current Affair: Are big companies paying enough tax?

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A Current Affair: Are big companies paying enough tax?

Most Australians work hard and pay their fair share of tax.

But it’s a different story at the top end of town.

Some of the biggest companies, earning millions – sometimes billions – give little to nothing back.

Bring Back Australia app founder Michael Duregon featured on Channel 9’s A Current Affair program on 31 October 2023, explaining the tax transparency code, and exposing that there’s 2,459 companies operating within Australia that are paying miniscule or no tax on very big turnovers.

Watch the full story here:


This is why how you shop matters, and why the Bring Back Australia app is such an important tool for Australian consumers.  As Australians, we have got to stop getting screwed by big companies, corporates and accountants.

Use the app to scan products while you shop to find out where they are made and where they are owned.  Supporting Aussie made and owned products means that profits and taxes can be reinvested into our communities, supporting our services, our infrastructure, our lifestyle and our future.

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