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Bring Back Australia partners with the Australian Horizons Foundation

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Bring Back Australia partners with the Australian Horizons Foundation

Bring Back Australia is proud to partner with the Australian Horizons Foundation, an organisation that supports Australia’s rural communities suffering from drought, severe debt, stress, lack of food, water, children’s education and downturned communities.

Australian Horizons Foundation have a number of initiatives, and we have chosen to align Bring Back Australia with Beef It Up Australia and 1000 Paddocks.  These two initiatives in particular support farmers and rural Australian towns, giving back to the communities and famers who help to grow and produce Australian-made and Australian-owned products.

The 1000 Paddocks program will see people on the ground within rural communities, helping to support local farmers and their families with mental fitness and wellbeing initiatives.

As a start, Bring Back Australia have purchased 20 paddocks, and we’ll continue contributing as we add more suppliers to our app, purchasing a certain number of paddocks for each supplier.

We love aligning ourselves with other organisations that want to support Australian farmers, producers and their families to help keep more products Australian-made and Australian-owned.

Here we have a recording featuring Anita Donlon, Campaign Manager for BEEFitUP Australia!, speaking with Bring Back Australia Founder Michael Duregon:

To find out more about the 1000 Paddocks program, or to donate yourself, please visit their website: https://1000paddocks.org/

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